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“Strengthening Our Roots”

featuring keynote speaker Dan Pallotta

Thank you to all who attended!


Join hundreds of other nonprofit sector leaders and supporters for our 5th Annual Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Conference, "Strengthening Our Roots", featuring world-renowned charity guru, Dan Pallotta. Dan has generously agreed to make himself available for an exclusive speaking engagement and book signing opportunity, featuring his latest book, "Uncharitable".

In a time of change unlike anything we've ever experienced in our sector before - with new governments, new and revised policies and regulations, and increasingly complex challenges in our local communities - it's important that we share our thoughts, collect ideas, discuss solutions, and get inspired.

We have pulled together a program for you featuring some of the most highly sought-after experts in the field. "Strengthening Our Roots" will feature key insights from nonprofit trailblazers who are driving success within their respective fields in this rapidly changing environment. Our exclusive line-up features these notable visionaries:

* BETTY FERREIRA, Social Impact Innovation, Transformation and Foresight Strategist
* DAVID HARTLEY - Consultant/Trainer, Board Governance
* JENNIFER JURGENS- Principal, 1 Bold Step
* PAUL NAZARETH- Vice President Education & Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners
* DOUG SARTORI- Founder, Windsor Hackforge
* CATHY TAYLOR- Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network
* DANIELE ZANOTTI- President & CEO of United Way Greater Toronto

Are the roots of your organization strong enough to withstand these powerful and unrelenting winds of change? Don't allow your organization to be left behind. Together, we will learn how to strengthen our individual organizations, our networks, and our sector as we adapt to these new demands and ways of working that are being thrust upon us at lightening speeds. Join us to arm yourself with the most up-to-date information, so that together, we can continue to help our communities prosper and thrive.


Dan is the author of “Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential,” the best-selling title in the history of Tufts University Press. The Stanford Social Innovation Review said that the book, “deserves to become the nonprofit sector’s new manifesto.” His newest book is, “Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has described it as “An Apollo program for American philanthropy and the nonprofit sector”.

Dan is a featured regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review online.


He is the founder and President of the Charity Defense Council, a national leadership movement dedicated to transforming the way the donating public thinks about charity and change. 


Dan is the Chief Humanity officer for Advertising for Humanity, a bold agency of ideas committed to strengthening the fundraising power of some of America's most innovative humanitarian organizations.  


Dan is a recipient of the Liberty Hill Foundation Creative Vision award, the Triangle Humanitarian of the Year award, the Albany State University International Citizen of the Year award, and the Seven Fund’s Morality of Profit Essay Prize.

He has been written about in feature and cover stories in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, American Public Media’s Marketplace, the TED Radio Hour, the BBC's Business Matters, and on numerous NPR stations, among others.


Dan lives in Massachusetts with his husband and their three children.


Our exclusive CONFERENCE line-up features These notable visionaries:


Betty Ferreira

Social Impact Innovation, Transformation and Foresight Strategist

“Transforming NFP Business Models in Times of Change”

This workshop is designed for leaders to learn the principles of financial resilience in times of change. You will learn the five elements of the nonprofit business model: revenue, cost, capital and program portfolio and infrastructure; the importance of analyzing each element in order to develop strategies to strengthen the organization’s resilience; external drivers of change that shape NFP business models; strategic financial planning concepts to strengthen annual budgeting and planning. This session will answer questions such as What is the difference between high and low quality of funding? How much diversification is too much? Should we only have one funder per program? Why do we need to know the true cost of our programs? What infrastructure do we need to put in place or enhance? What practices do we need to put in place to be more proactive about strategic financial planning?

“Financial Resilience”

This workshop will teach participants the principles of financial resilience in times of change. It will introduce concepts and discuss the importance of: assessing your organization’s level of preparedness for change and complexity; assessing the impact of any potential funding changes on the organization; making proactive strategic decisions about programs and services based on an integrated financial and strategic lens; understanding the true allocation of direct and indirect costs of programs; determining the organization and the programs that are ‘resilient’ to changes in funding; and ensuring proper financial reporting and oversight of the programs and the organization.

Betty Ferreira is a former Executive Director of several not-for-profit organizations and the founder and principal consultant of ReStructure Consulting, a niche consulting firm focusing on building the resilience of not-for-profit organizations so that they are better equipped to fulfill their mission.

She is passionate about transforming and modernizing organizations.  Increasingly her transformation work focuses on modernizing not-for-profit organizations through strategic financial leadership, digital transformation, mergers and amalgamations, and radical organization-wide strategic turnaround transformation.  Late in her career, she earned her CPA, CMA designation in 2013 and achieved a Masters Certificate Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in 2016 to strengthen her capacity to assist not-for-profit organizations and funders.

Her 25 years of experience as a former Executive Director, not-for-profit strategic and financial transformation expertise, lean six sigma training and her 12 years consulting allows her to take a very thorough and comprehensive approach to organizational transformation. 

David Hartley 2.jpg

David Hartley

Principal Consultant - Hartley Nonprofit Consulting, Inc

“Creating & Maintaining Vibrant Nonprofit Boards”

After 11 years of full-time training/consulting with hundreds of nonprofit and charity Boards of all-sizes and types, in over 150 Canadian towns, David shares his "elevator speech": 7 keys to a vibrant Board. David's message will be heart-felt, practical and fun. 

David Hartley has trained or consulted over 20,000 Canadian nonprofit senior staff or board members in the past 10 years in over 160 Canadian communities. He carries the Canadian Risk Management (C.R.M.) designation. David’s greatest passion is coming alongside exceptional but tired nonprofit staff and their Board. 

Jennifer Jurgens

Principal Consultant - 1 Bold Step

“Why Marketing Comes First”

The silos between Sales and Marketing are legendary.  If you’ve ever worked for an organization where the two departments live together in peace and harmony, consider your organization a unicorn!  It’s more common to hear how Marketing folks think Sales is comprised of a bunch of lazy divas and how Sales folks think Marketing is a bunch of creatives who make branded coffee cups and T-shirts (and don’t generate any real value).  The evolution of marketing- the digital transformation of marketing – makes it possible to qualify and quantify Marketing’s value and enforce the rules by which Sales engage with potential donors. But only if you put the right processes and systems in place.      

Jennifer Jurgens of 1 Bold Step will be sharing insights on how the emerging field of marketing operations and the transition to “self-educating buyers/donors” has changed the sales and marketing dynamic to one of the interwoven dependencies, with marketing coming first.  From inbound strategies to a demand generation waterfall, to the necessary elements in a service level agreement between sales and marketing, attendees will leave with some helpful tools to start breaking down silos and creating a path to marketing and sales nirvana.

“Building Great Teams & Great Strategic Plans”

Trust.  The basis for all great teams, regardless of organization size or mission.  Teams that start with real, honest, vulnerable trust achieve more; from revenue to efficiency to employee satisfaction.  If you’re a fan of Brene Brown, Patrick Lencioni and/or Stephen Covey, you’ll want to join Jennifer Jurgens of 1 Bold Step as she provides real tools that leaders can use to build great, trust-based teams that get results.

In this session, you’ll learn how to not only get your teams on the same page and starting to trust one another but also how to apply that trust to a fun and effective one-page strategic planning template.  Vision, values, focus areas, and strategic goals… the tools you need to get everyone rowing in the same direction while holding each other accountable for results.

Jennifer Jurgens is a catalyst that loves to make everything she touches somehow better, faster, and more efficient.  From creating some of the first hosted e-commerce solutions at Pandesic (an Intel/SAP venture), to working with The HON Company, Konica Minolta, Safety-Kleen, Adtegrity, USXchange, The American Heart Association, and others to bring process and marketing ROI, to serving as executive director for Susan G. Komen Michigan, and most recently, scaling growth as the president of SalesPad, Jen brings clarity to the complex and builds trust-based teams that keep organizations moving forward. In her current role at 1 Bold Step, she is helping companies and organizations organize, optimize, and grow.  

Paul Nazareth sm.jpg

Paul Nazareth

Vice President Education & Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners

PLENARY: “The tree that bends does not break: 5 ways charities can adapt to the changing future of philanthropy in Canada”  

The winds of disruption are strong, but with deeper roots we can weather the storm – but how?! We will walk through 5 important evolutions a charity should be considering in 2019: From analog to digital, shifts in funding models, combating the crowdfunding mindset, choosing fundraising or philanthropy and crafting a narrative in an output and overhead obsessed society. We will review trends, discuss tactics and free research and resources will be shared. The discussion will be practical and consider the real world capacity of small to medium sized charities.

Paul Nazareth is a leader in Canada’s philanthropic sector with over 19 years’ experience. Currently the Vice President, Education & Development at the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, he most recently was VP at the charity CanadaHelps. Paul has been a philanthropic advisor with Scotia Wealth and spent over a decade with charities like the University of Toronto and the 230 Churches of the Catholic Church of Greater Toronto. He is on the board of several charities, is Chair of the Advisory Board at the Humber College postgraduate fundraising program, a speaker in every Province with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, in 2016 was named a lifetime “Friend” of CAGP and speaks to advisor groups such as Advocis, CPA and Estate Planning Councils. Paul writes on philanthropy for a variety of publications as well as appearing on national television speaking about charitable giving. 

Steve Pratt.jpg

Steve Pratt

CEO, United Way of


Introductory Remarks

As a lifelong philanthropist, Steve Pratt is honoured to have been welcomed into the United Way movement serving as the Chief Executive Officer for United Way of Chatham-Kent. Steve has spent time serving as an advocate for the Government of Ontario, having been recently appointed by the Minister of Health to serve on the Opioid Overdose Emergency Task Force. He also is currently working in partnership with the University of Toronto and University of Windsor as the co-lead investigator in a study examining barriers individuals face in accessing mental health and addiction services in a predominantly rural community. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business in Marketing and Operations Management. 

doug sartori.png

Doug Sartori

Principal Consultant - Parallel 42 Systems

“Strategic Technology for Strong NFPs”

Modern technology in the workplace is all about driving efficiency. Not for profits can add a multiplier to the output of their workforce with effective automation and technology choices. Doug Sartori gives an overview of strategic technology considerations for not-for-profits with specific, actionable advice.

Doug Sartori has more than 15 years of experience in software development, solution design, and project management. He's worked on products used in organizations around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to small enterprises. Doug founded Windsor Hackforge, a non-profit dedicated to capacity building in technology, to help build an educated and empowered community. 

“Strengthening the Roots in the Nonprofit Sector”

Cathy Taylor.jpg

Cathy Taylor

Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)

Cathy Taylor has been a member of the ONN team since June 2012. Throughout her 20 years working in the nonprofit sector, including as the founding Executive Director of the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, she has been passionate about collaboration and leadership in the sector. Cathy works with sector colleagues from across Ontario and Canada, as well as private sector and government officials, to create an enabling policy environment for nonprofit organizations. Cathy’s roots are in the environmental movement and she has been active in municipal politics. She holds a degree in political studies and history from Queen’s University, and attended the Maytree-York University Executive Directors Leadership program. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family and her garden in Erin, Ontario. 


Daniele Zanotti

President & CEO of United Way of Greater Toronto

PLENARY: “Transforming Neighbourhoods from Within”

Over the past 30 years, most of our middle-income neighbourhoods have vanished. Increasingly, we are no longer a mixture of inclusive neighbourhoods but a collection of “islands” segregated by income.

The entrenchment of poverty and growth of income polarization in our region is not something we can afford to ignore. It’s also not a so-called “charity issue.” One doesn’t need empathy or altruism to want to solve this problem, because if allowed to fester, growing disparities will bring social and economic costs that will undermine the quality of life we all enjoy.

How can we make things better? How can we all work together to tackle a problem that at times seems almost too big to solve?

Come and hear some of the innovative collaboratives underway, grounded in decades of place based work, to ensure we all get a chance at a better life – regardless of postal code, background or circumstances.

President and CEO of United Way of Greater Toronto, Daniele Zanotti is an effective and inspiring leader. With more than 20 years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors, Daniele’s previous role as the CEO of United Way York Region was pivotal to the historic merger of United Ways across Toronto and York Region in 2015.

Leading resource development of the first combined United Way Toronto & York Region fundraising efforts, he spearheaded a record-breaking achievement of raising $100-million to strengthen United Way’s impact across the region, reducing the gaps in inclusion, income and infrastructure.

Deeply involved in the community, Daniele sits on the Board of Directors for CivicAction, and has volunteered on the boards of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, the Human Services Planning Board of York Region and the Vaughan Community Health Centre.

Daniele has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Toronto and Bachelor’s Degree from York University. He lives in Vaughan with his wife and two children.

Our generation does not want its epitaph to read, ‘We kept charity overhead low.’
We want it to read that we changed the world.
— Dan Pallotta