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Upcoming Events

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Ignite is all about fast and fun presentations. It was started in 2006 by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis in Seattle Washington and has grown into a international phenomenon, with Ignite events produced in Helsinki, Tunisia, Paris, New York City and over 350 other locations in between. Ignite Talks PBC is a Public Benefits Corporation which supports Ignite globally
Ignite’s mission is “Everyone Speaks”. Ignite founders believe that public speaking builds confidence in individuals and that events like Ignite build community. Ignite's goal is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn to present their ideas and their stories.

Ignite is about having fun, and showing that presentations don’t need to be about “death by PowerPoint”. Speakers build their presentations with 20 slides, each of which is shown for 15 seconds, giving each speaker 5 minutes to discuss there chosen topic.

Topics can be a business idea, a school project, an opinion, a short story, a series of poems or anything else someone can conjur up in their imaginations...get those creative juices flowing. Participants will be required to submit their slides and outline of material 5 days prior to event for pre-approval and each Ignite Tilbury event will feature 8-12 speakers.

Our inaugural Ignite Tilbury event on November 24 will be held at Moffat Hall. 27 Canal Street East, Tilbury and will free to attend, however we will "passing a hat" for donations to help offset costs related to hall renta

Later Event: November 25
Rally on the Bridge!