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Become A Member of the CKNN/ONN!

Join the Growing list of Members by contacting

LauRie at or 519-354-0430

The Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network

recently joined forces

with the Ontario Nonprofit Network!

Now there are even MORE reasons to join the CKNN/ONN!

Annual budget                       CKNN/ONN annual membership fee

Under $300,000                    $113.00 (includes HST)

$300,000-$999,999              $339.00 (includes HST)

$1-5 million                             $565.00 (includes HST)

Over $5 million                      $847.50 (includes HST)

Supporter $113.00 (includes HST)

Become a CKNN/ONN Member in order to:

  • INCREASE POLICY CAPACITY and results. The ONN is building and strengthening province-wide platforms for sector voices to share their ideas, experience and expertise.

  • CKNN CONFERENCE DISCOUNT. A discount on our CKNN 5th Annual Conference, “Strengthening Our Roots”, featuring keynote speaker, Dan Pallotta. For tickets click here.

  • DISCOUNT ON CONFERENCE ROOM RENTAL. You will receive a 50% discount on room rentals at “The 425” (United Way boardrooms, offices, library, and conference room).

  • DISCOUNT ON WORKSHOPS. You will receive a discount on any training, in-house and/or local workshops arranged by the CKNN.

  • UP TO $100 OFF the annual ONN conference “Nonprofit Driven”, FREE webinars, 30%+ in savings for their Nonprofit Insurance Program, as well as exclusive access to the ONN Employee Benefits Program and Nonprofit Lands Registry. Plus CKNN/ONN Members receive free postings year-round on our job board for nonprofits, and gain access to special corporate deals including VIA Rail.

  • FOCUS on your mission. We’ve got our ear to the ground when it comes to issues and policies impacting the nonprofit sector. We track and interpret provincial policy and updates, and analyze how it impacts nonprofits – so you stay informed on what’s happening and apply your own expert view for your organization and subsector or region. Working with the sector, we mobilize calls to action.

  • STAY INFORMED. CKNN/ONN finds out what’s happening in communities, government and the sector – issues, trends and news – and keeps you up-to-date.

  • ADD YOUR LEADERSHIP VOICE. We advocate with and for the sector, giving you ways to share your experience and expertise, while identifying opportunities and resources to work across the sector.

The CKNN/ONN welcomes nonprofit and charitable organizations working in Chatham-Kent and Ontario to become Members and access all of our benefits, including voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.

Support the ongoing efforts of the CKNN/ONN through membership! 

LauRie at or 519-354-0430